Roberta Cartisano, Italian multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and session-musician, and, marking a departure from Roberta's previous recordings under her own name, Killing Cartisano is also Roberta's new incarnation.

Influenced by psychedelic folk-rock, orchestral pop, cinematic funk and trip hop, her last album L’ultimo Cuore - The Last Heart, received rave reviews in her native Italy, where she was called "a pioneer of visionary sound". Her original song-writing is highly personal and vivid, encapsulating the term "emotional rock".

After Getting in touch with San Francisco's underground music scene during her travels, inspired by Bay Area vibes Roberta morphed into Killing Cartisano.
KC is Roberta, but raw; pure; naked.




Official Endorser Korg

Year 2333. Northern World.

“Children are the only ones who live the real thing”

Ultimo (The Last One)


In that vulnerable era, because of the war for the skies supervision, our cities were burned to the ground. Stones and water floods fell from the sky, up until when the welkin turned upside down and smashed. This is why children escaped and ran way, in order not to look like their fathers, whereas mothers didn’t want to be mothers anymore , so that they would not see again their kids leave. In that world, deprived of playfulness, The Wanderers started digging in the ground in order to find the books that had been handed down through the centuries to keep our memories alive .It was then that a  man called Ultimo (The Last One) started to re-write our history. The sun hadn’t even risen  when this last heart, the purest heart on earth , armed with good sentiments, started walking to heal other hearts from  numbness. He was led to the Southern Forest by a wanderer. There he found the kids that had escaped from their fathers  and there  he found little Sophie, the daughter of good hearted men that had fought to protect wisdom from our carelessness.